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About our camp

The children's camp "New Generation" is one of the most famous non-government camps in the Perm region. It provides services for the children's vacation holidays, year-round recreation, sanatorium recreation and rehabilitation, it takes up to 400 children in the shift and about 3000 children in the year.

The New Generation Kids Camp
Certificates and awards
Interview with our Director

We made an interview with Mr Valeiry Dolgikh to ask him questions that concerns with the international volunteers. These questions are frequently asked by the volunteers who visit our camp from all over the world...

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Mr. Valeiry Dolgikh

International Volunteers

Every year the camp welcomes international volunteers from all over the world. Since 2013, we had more than 50 volunteers from different countries like Australia, Canada, China, Colombia, Cuba, Egypt, Ethiopia, Germany, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Morocco, Philippines, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, UK, USA. So, each year in our camp has its unique experience….

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Messages from Our children

Our children welcome international volunteers every year from different countries, they make a lifelong friendship with them, and after they leave the camp they keep in touch. Our children would like to introduce themselves and leave friendly messages to all the people around the world…

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Camp exchange

Our counselors never stay on the same place but go directly to new experiences and international exchanges help them in their way. Online conferences, personal talks give them new knowledges, which are used in practice.

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International conferences

Our camp actively participates in different conferences, workshops, sessions and other events connected with exchange of experience. Our counselors try to increase their professional level to give children best.

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Attractions of "The New Generation"
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