About the Camp

The children's camp "New Generation" is one of the most famous non-government camps in the Perm region. It provides services for the children's vacation holidays, year-round recreation, sanatorium recreation and rehabilitation, it takes up to 400 children in the shift and about 3000 children in the year. The camp organizes events, conferences, competitions, tourist gatherings, seminars, etc. So, it successfully implements one of its main goals - the rehabilitation of children, using for this the natural-climatic potential and an active lifestyle.

“NG” camp is a unique pedagogical complex. Development programs and festival projects are being developed and implemented here. And to keep the best pedagogical traditions, the modern “New Generation” always uses the newest techniques.

Our Facilities

The camp contains: 4 dormitory buildings, medical center, media center with PCs and internet connected, dining room, club, library, gym, swimming pool, sauna, sports fields, football field, rope park, climbing wall, gymnastics complex, conference hall, bicycle park, roller skates, hockey box, and much more

Our Location

It is located in the Perm Territory, Perm District, the village of Dvortsovaya Sludka, in one of the most beautiful places on the bank of the Kama River, 45 km from the city of Perm.

Our covered Area

The “new generation” covers an area of 10 hectares, of which 4 hectares is a forest zone. The coastline with a children's beach stretches for 1 km along the bank of the Kama River.

Our achievements

In 2011, “NP” was recognized as the best children's camp during the All-Russian contest “The Best for Children”, and it was awarded the quality mark of the service for organizing recreation and health for children “The Best for Children”.

In 2008, the “New Generation” camp was accepted into the International Commonwealth of Camps.

Our security

Safety of children's stay in the “New Generation” is provided by representatives of the security agency and police officers.

Duration of our shifts

The duration of the shift in the "NP" is 21 days during the summer holidays, 9 days in spring and autumn holidays, 10 days in the winter holidays.

Our children safety

The camp accepts children from 6 to 17 years old and each one has to provide the medical clearance certificates. So, everyone in the camp has a good health. Also, our camp is directly supervised by the government, before every shift an expedition from the government comes to check all the facilities of the camp.