Dialogues of Professionals

It is a workshop where representatives from Russian and foreign (Bulgaria, Canada, Greece, Turkey, China, Mongolia, Finland, USA) camps come to Tyumen camp “Olympiyskay Rebachka" to share their experience and ideas in camp spheres. The conference is supported by the government of the Tyumen region's Interregional public organization "Promotion of Children's Recreation". It is also recognized as ICF-Endorsed Educational Event with International Camping Fellowship participation.

At the last such conference, a memorandum of cooperation and understanding was signed between the association of camp education in China and the association of organizers of the population of the Tyumen region "we are together." This means that children's camps in the Tyumen region and China will do joint programs, promotions, exchanges, training, conferences.

From February 11 to 14
The AСA National Conference was held in San Diego, California. The conference was dedicated to social networks, education and professional development. Participants made connections during their training. Many experts gathered at this conference to share their knowledge with everyone.

From February 9-11
A pre-conference tour of the San Diego camps took place, during which participants got acquainted with the traditions of American camps and their programs, learn from their experiences and prepare to use it in their camps.
From the camp "New Generation" The director of the camp Valery Nikolayevich Dolgikh went to the conference and pre-conference tour, who shared with all the counselors and organizers the latest in the camp area