Messages from Our children

Our children welcome international volunteers every year from different countries, they make a lifelong friendship with them, and after they leave the camp they keep in touch. Our children would like to introduce themselves and leave friendly messages to all the people around the world. For that reason we participate in movement “Сhildren of different camps are friends” What is its essence - children tell and write a letter about themselves, about their favorite children's camp, about their counselors, share vivid stories with a shift. USA, Canada, China, Mongolia, Japan, Australia, Greece, Mexico, Malaysia. We are sure that they occupy a lot about their good historical events. In their mails they leave links on social networks through which addressor can contact them/ F.e. this is a letter that was written by a girl during summer 2019

Message with Loves

Hi. My name is Varya, I am 13 years old. I am really glad to text you now. I live in Russia, Perm. I am interested in dancing, painting and singing I am a model in model agency called alnter Kids. It is my first time in camp «New Generationx, but I can say, that this camp is adorable and the best camp here or actually in the world. I've been to many camps, but I haven't seen such amazing camp as this one. People here are so cool, kind and can help you in every situation. I can't describe how much I love this camp and the teachers here, because they are like a family for us, they are our parents for these 21 days. I made so many friends in this camp and really want to communicate with them even after the camp, because they mean a lot to me, they try to make me happy every second in the shift and now too. I am writing this message in the last day of the shift and I don't want to leave the camp. When think about leaving the camp, start to be sad, and now, the camp for me is like my second home, where have been lived FOR 21 DAYS. Iam really happy to text about the camp and say everything I think about it, because will never forget the feelings I have now. I will be really happy if you come here and make a lot of new friends, have so much fun and spend your time with adorable people around you.

The next batch of letters will leave on February 7 in the USA.