Partnerships with Russian camps "New Generation" camp feels the responsibility of being open to this world, so many partnerships with other Russian camps is made to share the different experience and keep updated with everything new related to the kids. Here are some examples of these partnerships.

1) The Bank of Kama River Every summer shift all the camps who are located on the banks of Kama river come to our camp, we make competitions together in many fields like sports, table games, intellectual games and theater performances.

2) Cunselors circle It is a partnership with other Russian camps where Leaders, methodologists, organizers of shifts, students' pedagogical groups, and organizers of children activities come to our camp to share their experience and ideas about different topics

3) Regional sport games The camps of the Perm region meet on the territory of Sports complex in the city and compete with each other in different sports games, for example, Football, Floorball, Volleyball, basketball and so on.

4) Regional camp meeting Every year Russian camps choose one of them to be their meeting place. In the meeting, they share their experience, make performances, and also debate on the important topics.