What about programs in our camp?


There are three types of camp tickets: Health camp, Tent camp and Day camp.
You can see their difference in the table below



Health camp

Day camp

Tent camp


Comfortable housing (contains rooms for 7-8 people, twin or single beds, built-in wardrobe, and shelves.)

Wooden housing

(It contains rooms for 8 people, not heated, with two-tier beds, and a group of drawers.)

Tent Housing

(It contains beds for 8-10 people.)

Catering/ day

5 meals

3 meals

5 meals


first aid in injuries, falls, poisonings, burns, catarrhal diseases, etc.). Physiotherapy (if indicated)


bathroom, washroom, showers on the floor, bath, showers.

bathroom, sink in a separated building near the house, showers on the territory (by work hours)

bathroom, washbasin in the main building, showers on the territory (by work hours)

leisure and educational programs:

according to the shift program:

• Work in the detachment of the selected profile.

• Organizing and conducting inter-group and all-agrarian affairs in various directions - creative concerts, competitively-game and entertainment programs, sports events, tournaments (more than 10 sports) and competitions, games of various models (strategic, situational, tourist, etc.)

• Disco, film shows.

• The work of the psychologist - detachment and individual

Sports and Physical education:

Outdoor and indoor sports fields (football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc.). Outdoor pool, rope park and climbing wall, gym, table tennis, roller skates, bicycles, scooters, catamarans, paintball, crossbows, various sports equipment, and hiking.

Additional education services:

applied arts, toys, library, media center, video-studio, classes in vocal, dance, instrumental studios.


Collective accident insurance contract


24 hours security

Security services for personal items:

storage room for valuables.


Not available

From the general gathering place to the camp and back every day during the shift

from the general gathering place to the camp on the day of arrival and back on the day of departure.


Tents and sleeping bags during the hike

theatrical, stage costumes, company t-shirts with the logo of the camp, ties with the symbols of the camp.

Company t-shirts with the logo of the camp, ties with the symbols of the camp.

Internet and communication

• landline phone,

• paid internet (cards are purchased in a children's store)

• free internet (in the media center by work hours)

Our camp is working year-round and we have shifts in every season.

Summer Shift 2021 program:

The New Generation camp staff has already begun preparing for the 2021 summer season. We are taking into account all the pros and cons of shifts in 2020, we came up with new activities for the children who will come to rest for 5 shifts in 2021:

  • 1 shift "NEW DREAM" - from May 29 to June 15
  • 2nd shift "NEW WORLD" - from June 17 to July 4
  • 3rd shift "NEW STYLE"- from 6 July to 23 July
  • 4th shift "NEW SKILLS"- from July 25 to August 11
  • 5 shift "NEW LIFE"- from August 13 to August 30

In autumn:

  • October, 26th – November, 4th

In winter:

  • January, 2nd – January, 11th

In spring:

  • March, 20th – March, 28th