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Rules and Guidelines For International Volunteers
1. General Rules

a) Everyone is obliged to take care of his personal property. There are closets at the security office for the storage of precious property. In case of loss, the Camp contributes to the search for lost property however losing anything outside the closets is not the camps responsibility.

b) Everyone should carefully treat the surrounding nature (green areas)

c) Everyone must comply with the established regime of the day camp, maintain cleanliness and order of his bedroom, and follows the rules of personal hygiene.

d) International volunteers are free to bring their electronic devices with them like Laptop, Tab, Smart phone, ...etc.). Also, for the best communication in the camp they can use MTC or Megaphone.

e) Prohibited things in the camp: profanity, moral and physical insult of camp staff, inciting national and inter-religious hatred, actions that threaten the life and health of others, smoking (including any smoking mixtures), drinking alcohol, using drugs. In the case of the actions listed above, exclusion from the camp will be applied.

2. Banned things to be present in the camp

a. Upon arrival at the camp no one must have the following items with him:

  • Weapons, including gas; combustible and explosives, knives,
  • Self-defense items (electroshock, gas appliances, rubber batons, etc,).
  • Pyrotechnic toys for example fireworks and so on,
  • perishable/ decayed foods,
  • cigarettes, lighters, matches and all kinds of alcoholic beverages,
  • printed, audio / video / computer products containing propaganda of aggressive behavior, violence and pornography.

b. The camp reserves the right to seize the above items from the one who have them in case of detection.

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