Rules and Guidelines For International Volunteers
1. General Rules

a) Everyone is obliged to take care of his personal property. There are closets at the security office for the storage of precious property. In case of loss, the Camp contributes to the search for lost property however losing anything outside the closets is not the camps responsibility.

b) Everyone should carefully treat the surrounding nature (green areas)

c) Everyone must comply with the established regime of the day camp, maintain cleanliness and order of his bedroom, and follows the rules of personal hygiene.

d) International volunteers are free to bring their electronic devices with them like Laptop, Tab, Smart phone, ...etc.). Also, for the best communication in the camp they can use MTC or Megaphone.

e) Prohibited things in the camp: profanity, moral and physical insult of camp staff, inciting national and inter-religious hatred, actions that threaten the life and health of others, smoking (including any smoking mixtures), drinking alcohol, using drugs. In the case of the actions listed above, exclusion from the camp will be applied.

2. Banned things to be present in the camp

a. Upon arrival at the camp no one must have the following items with him:

  • Weapons, including gas; combustible and explosives, knives,
  • Self-defense items (electroshock, gas appliances, rubber batons, etc,).
  • Pyrotechnic toys for example fireworks and so on,
  • perishable/ decayed foods,
  • cigarettes, lighters, matches and all kinds of alcoholic beverages,
  • printed, audio / video / computer products containing propaganda of aggressive behavior, violence and pornography.

b. The camp reserves the right to seize the above items from the one who have them in case of detection.

3. Pluses of beeing with us

If you still don’t know whether you want to be a volunteer in our camp than here are some arguments for it:

+ Free Accommodation
+ Free 5 meals/day
+ Free transportation from Perm city to our camp and back
+ Discover the Russian culture Tours in Perm city
+ Invitation to visit Russia up to 90 days
+ Meet new people and make new friends
+ Support available in getting the visa
+ Free Medical care
Support us and get unforgettable experience in our camp!

4. List of Volunteers

1) Selma-Evita Rani 2015 /Индонезия/ Indonesia
2) Diaa Behari 2015 /Египет/ Egypt
3) Jesse Wong 2015 /Китай/ China
4) Damla Yasun 2015 /Турция/ Turkey
5) Alexandra Li Китай/ China
6) Farouk Shourky Канада/ Canada
7) Rohan Gautam 2017 /Индия/ India
8) Tan Sritana Таиланд/ Thailand
9) Hesham Lymouna Египет/ Egypt
10) Reiniel Куба/ Cuba
11) Zoi Shriv США/ USA
12) Kara Indian Австралия/ Austrailia
13) Andreiko Simpson Великобритания/ UK
14) Berniz Sensans США/ USA
15) Hasret 2018 /Turkey
16) Shashank Shekhar 2018 /India
17) Samaksh Raghav Kalra - 2018 /India
18) Anaya Bhatt 2018 /India
19) David Delgado 2018 /Colombia
20) Paola Giraldo Sarmiento 2018 /Colombia
21) Aakash malpani 2019 /India
22) Priyanshu Sharma 2019 /India
23) Jagdish Banga 2019 /India
24) Haung Chen 2019 /China
25) Salina Li 2019 /China

5. Clubs of Volunteers

Every year our volunteers lead clubs of interests. In 2018 Annie led an archery club, Shank taught the guys yoga, Hassret studied Taekwondo, Paola conducted origami classes, David led a frisbee club, Sam taught the children folk dances. And the previous year Lina taught children to make different thigs from Chinese culture, Chen led an architecture club, Aakash had a club of meditation and yoga and with Jagdish children learned national Indian dances and songs. If you want to become a volunteer in our camp than you need to decide what club you will lead, we are waiting for your new interesting programs!

6. Volunteers Feedback
Diaa Behari

My visit to NP camp is one of best experience that I have ever had. Beside the great hospitality that the camp provides for everyone there, I had never felt that I am away from my home. Even there is a cold weather there but the kindness of the people will warm you. The people and the kids in the camp are very friendly and they become very enthusiastic when they see foreigners. They will welcome you and involve you in all their activities and help you in everything. Even not everyone can speak English there but you will be able to communicate with all of them through Peace and Love.

Priyanshu Sharma

I just ravishing, I almost spend 3 weeks in the camp not even a single day was like working a lot or getting any kind boredom each day was planned so well that it brings a lot enthusiasm and was exciting till the end of the day. The camp staff was really helpful and the Commanders were also very supportive. There is a lot of activities to indulge in and a lot of new skills a person or kid can build and to take part in all the activities with the zeal the most important is the diet, the food we got in the camp was healthy and tasty at the same time. So i had a really tremendous experience in the camp. The NP camp gave me a lots of new friends, memories,photographs and many unforgettable experience.

New generation Working at the camp New Generation was one of my best experiences, where I met a lot of new people and new about Russian culture in a really funny way. I am rally happy that I had this opportunity spending a part of my summer there was just wonderful. New Generation is a camp which counts with all the spaces, material, profesional people that will make your summer just great.

Jose Daniel Santamaria Peña

Firstly I thought that it will kind of difficult being in Russia but was super cool Living in there for almost a month, I felt that I was taking some really nice vacations. I am thankful for this opportunity I had and hope to come again to New generation.

Aakash Malpani

I don't have enough words to define the experience I had at the New Generation Camp. Those days were the most beautiful and life changing days for me. I haven't seen any camps which is almost a makeover place for the development of a child. Being a volunteer at the camp was great. Interacting with children's and helping them out to come up with new skills and techniques was amazing. New Generation camp is a place where anybody can find a new family

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