Summer shifts 2021

1st  shift "NEW DREAM"  
From May 29 to June 15.

  • Imagination, fantasy and dreams.
  • The thematic block of the shift will be aimed at immersion in the world of games of various orientations, creative performances and unusual sports games. By participating in the shift activities, the child develops his imagination and imagination and independently sets the direction for his development.
  • The key event of the shift will be a large role-playing game "Starting Point", which will allow everyone to open up and begin to conquer new peaks.

2nd  shift "NEW WORLD" From June 17 to July 4.

  • Friendship, diplomacy, peace.
  • Children from different camps are friends, and any new generation knows about it. Traditionally, the second shift is an international one. Diplomacy and communication are the basic principles on which the shift program is built. Our world is incredibly interesting, there is an unthinkable number of peoples and cultures in it. It is in the second shift that the guys have the opportunity to learn more about this.
  • The key events of the shift are the arrival of foreign volunteers and participation in the Camp's Friends program in conjunction with the Santa Ursula camp. Children will have the opportunity to communicate with children from camps from different countries and foreign volunteers, and this is: practice of a foreign language, broadening their horizons, and new knowledge.

3rd  shift "NEW STYLE" From 6 July to 23 July.

  • Style, creativity, individuality.
  • The third shift is a unique opportunity for self-expression and realization of yourself, through various tasks of the shift: creative and sports. By taking part in the shift events, the participant can discover new directions of creativity and experience them by themselves.
  • The key event of the shift will be the “I - festival”. The name speaks for itself, everyone will be able to show their individuality, share ideas, show themselves and their style.

4th  shift "NEW SKILLS" From July 25 to August 11.

  • Self-development, leadership, skills.
  • The modern world dictates its own rules, the “New skills” shift’s program aims to develop leadership and useful skills in the modern world in its participants. And it will also help in the self-development, thanks to the program of the shift, which will allow the children to have the opportunity to show themselves, share their thoughts and ideas.
  • The key event of the shift will be the inter-camp festival "Kamsky Bereg" in the areas of intelligence, sports and creativity.

5th  shift "NEW LIFE"  From August 13 to August 30

  • Business, opportunities, broadening horizons.
  • The shift program will allow everyone to expand their horizons and try new paths for themselves, opening up new opportunities. Through play and creativity, children learn about the world. Through participation in economic and business games, and other events, everyone will learn to use all available opportunities to their advantage.
  • The key event of the shift, as well as the bright end of the summer, will be the Camp's Birthday: a holiday of childhood.